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What if the next Reformation requires a mass exodus?

In case you missed it, Trigg Bundgaard (the blogger over at Epochalypsis) posted a powerful video this Tuesday to inform his readers and the rest of the world of his deconversion. Among his varied reasons for walking away are his disdain for Pauline Christianity (which, like Trigg, I also contend is radically different from what Jesus preached), and his frustration with mainstream Christianity’s addiction to self-serving forms of worship.

Trigg seems to be seeking an expression of Jesus-followerism that isn’t afraid of standing in opposition to popular theology. He seems to be saying, “Give me Jesus and an expression of following him that will transcend the mess we’ve made over the past 2,000 years.” I watched his video and identified with everything he said… Even the deconversion part. Continue reading

Brief thoughts on original sin…

Tonight on Facebook, one of my friends asked a group of us to share our views on original sin. I initially answered:

I don’t hold a traditional view of original sin. I’ve held a lot of newborns in my lifetime and can no longer buy into the assertion that they’re “sinful” and “unaccepted” by God from the moment of conception. Absolutely not.

[Although I don’t believe in original sin], I do believe in sin– But I also believe in the indwelling of God’s spirit in all human beings… When I hurt you [or “sin”], I hurt God because God is very much a part of you. And, I hurt myself when I hurt you because we are human together… bound by the spirit of God.

Continue reading

Sex And The City Set On A Hill

When I hear the word “fornication,” I am immediately reminded of how big an issue premarital sex was during my early Christian years. Back then, nearly every unmarried woman I knew was a devotee of prosperity gospel giant Juanita Bynum. She had skyrocketed to popularity on the African American Christian conference circuit when her book No More Sheets: The Truth About Sex  (a follow-up to her viral video sermon of the same name) hit the shelves.

No More Sheets  was a call to sexual purity with an interesting theological twist. According to Bynum, each premarital sexual encounter is actually an unwitting consummation of marriage. Because marriage is supposed to be a powerful bond between two people, those who participate in sex outside marriage create an unholy “soul tie”.  With every soul tie, according to Bynum, we are bonded to some part of a former partner’s spirit– and are “married” spiritually to them (and all of our other former partners) until we break free through repentance and purity. Continue reading