Something New & Exciting– Send Your Questions!

By | November 12, 2012

I have exciting news! After a great deal of nudging and encouragement by my good friend Phil “the Whiskey Preacher” Shepherd, I’ve agreed to host a show on YouTube for Sogo Media TV. Sogo (short for “Social Gospel”) is a social media effort designed to highlight alternative points of view in the Christian faith. Sogo’s focus will be largely Emergent with an eye toward embracing and encouraging the big questions facing the future of Christianity. Other hosts include Brian McLaren, Phil Shepherd and Tripp Hudgins.

My show (still untitled) will focus solely on progressive theology. Very progressive theology. Very, very progressive theology… And I need your help.

In each show, I plan to answer one or two questions from my readers and viewers. These questions can be about what it means to move forward after deconstruction, ministry in a progressive context, issues of doctrine or anything else that you may wish to ask.

Send your questions and letters to my email at, or create a YouTube video and send the link to me. I will only use your first name (or when applicable, the pen name you provide) when creating the videos.

So, don’t be shy. I know you have interesting things to say because I’ve read your comments and I regularly correspond with quite a few of you via email already.

I am very excited to be doing something wonderful in the world of social media! I look forward to receiving your emails.


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    1. Crystal St. Marie Lewis Post author

      Thank you for your question, Joanne! I look forward to answering. The first video should be available in about two weeks, and given the number of times I’ve been asked to share what I mean by “God,” I think I’ll answer this one first. Thanks for your support! 🙂

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