A Theologically Progressive Christian’s Advent Reflection Collection

By | December 7, 2012

Exploring Peace (excerpts from 'Living Buddha, Living Christ')Please consider reading some of the posts I’ve written about Jesus and the incarnation. I’ve compiled them here in what I like to refer to as my “Advent Reflection Collection.”

Crystal’s Advent / Incarnation Reflection Collection
1. Christmas and Jesus: A Renewed Perspective
2. A Different Perspective on the meaning of the phrase ‘Every Knee Shall Bow’
3. A Few Thoughts on Ancient Rome, Theology and Missing the Big Picture
4. Today Was ‘Isaiah Wasn’t Prophesying About Mary’ Day in My Class. It Wasn’t Pretty.
5. “Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace…” Jesus?
6. On the Absolutely Positively Divinely Human Jesus
7. The Trinity & The Logos: An Out-of-the-box Interpretation
8. The Trinity: Rethinking the Story of Man’s Creation
9. The Trinity: “Who Do Men Say That I Am?”
10. Read the Personal Creed I was required to write for a seminary class.

… and Finally– 11. “Dear Pastors: Your Parishioners Don’t Need ‘Protection’ from Controversial Theology…”

Thanks to all of you who read this blog, comment on what I’ve written and share my work. I hope you’ll do the same with this collection of posts. Peace and Good Will toward all of you.


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