Let’s Not “Agree to Disagree”

I'm taking an interfaith conflict resolution course at my seminary. Tonight, the professor briefly touched on the difficulties experienced by religious people when attempting to solve problems within their own faiths. During her lecture, a certain student raised her hand to share that in her opinion, one example of internal religious conflict occurred several months ago when Chick-Fil-A's CEO expressed that he felt the "institution of marriage" should be "protected" by reserving it for heterose...

The Baptism of Jesus in John’s Gospel: What happened in the water?

healing waters
I've written several posts about Jesus and the doctrine of the Trinity, many of which are now available in my "On Jesus" collection. Among them are my writings about the incarnation. I started with a post called "The Incarnation: A Heretic's Creed," and wrote the following in that reflection: I BELIEVE the twofold point of the Jesus story is 1.) to show us that God is concerned about what’s happening in the world AND  2.) that God can’t fix the world without human cooperation. I’ve come to under...