Who Are You? (A thought-provoking video…)

By | November 3, 2013

I came across a Youtube video today that left a pretty powerful impression on me. In it, a Jewish man (Rabbi Rami Shapiro), a Christian and a man whose spiritual background I was unable to discern each participate in a talk about the nature of humanness and consciousness, and how those things relate to the Divine.

My favorite quote occured after the Christian participant asked how we can know what we humans truly are. A member of the group offered this response:

“Why don’t we start with something for which we have no doubt and base our inquiry on that… That’s what I start with… [Let’s start with] the sense of being present and alive and knowing it– that is a spark of the Divine.”

I think this answer is a wonderful place to start, particularly when it comes to interfaith discussion. I believe we start with our humanness, and that an exploration of that humanness can lead us to a common sense of divine indwelling. I’m just sharing the video here for those of you who may be interested. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Who Are You? (A thought-provoking video…)

  1. Roger Roberts

    Hi Crystal!
    Thanks so much for this! I recall my “head-on collision” with Christ in 1976. This dear man has reminded me of what I discovered back then, ( and lost in organized xianity), only to be recovered years later… and that is that all of are “I am”. I believe that the core message of Christ was simply this: to bring mankind back to the awareness and experience of being “I am”, as I have discovered that all were in Christ before any creation (physical) ever took place. Refreshed!

    1. Crystal Post author

      Hi, Roger! Thanks for your comment. We have had similar experiences, it seems. I think we’ve over-complicated the meaning of Jesus’s life and ministry. Jesus showed us what it can mean to be saturated by the spirit of the Divine, and the powerful way in which we can heal the world when we come to awareness of that nature. Like you, it took a some time for me to come to that realization, but I am so glad I did.

  2. JoAnne Simson

    This is a good one. I believe the other person in the triad (besides the Christian and Jew) is a Hindu – some holy man who has learned to distill all the cant and chant of religion into an understanding of conscious being at its core. Hindus, in general, seem to be less hung up on beliefs and rituals than are the “monotheistic” religions.

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