Can you tell your truth without shame and without apology?

What does it mean to live out your own spiritual truth? Can you say that you are honoring your journey by living it authentically? These are the questions that came to me as I was watching the TED Talk presented by Ash Beckham.

As noted by Beckham, there are times when we are all called to embrace and own our greatest truths. Those truths are often scary or inconvenient, and can be irreversibly costly. Nevertheless, a personal truth left untold can have its own consequences… Shame… Depression… A life constrained by the inability to live authentically.

I love Beckham’s advice. She says that the best thing to do with our truths– including the inconvenient and scary ones– is to live them out loud. Embrace your truth, she says, and tell it as often as you can.

I can attest to the power of this approach. I have found that the more I tell my truth(s), the less ashamed I am of it/them. The more I tell my truth(s), the more sure I am that my decisions are right for me. The more I tell my truth(s), the more peace I have in my life.

Three principles to to live by, according to this must-watch video:

  1. Be Authentic. Take off your armor and be yourself.
  2. Be Direct. Whatever it is, just say it.
  3. Be Unapologetic. You are speaking your truth. Never apologize for that. Some people may be disappointed, but that’s their story– not yours.

Amen to all of what she said. Amen, amen, amen.

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