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Trektionary: ˈtrek-shə-ˌner-ē n: The online space within which a (very, very) liberal Christian is trekking her way through the weekly lectionary. Read my lectionary reflections here:

The Baptism of Jesus in John’s Gospel: What happened in the water?

I’ve written several posts about Jesus and the doctrine of the Trinity, many of which are now available in my “On Jesus” collection. Among them are my writings about the incarnation. I started with a post called “The Incarnation: A Heretic’s Creed,” and wrote the following in that reflection: I BELIEVE the twofold point of the… Read More »

Who Will Behold the Mystery? Thoughts on paganism, the magi and Epiphany Sunday…

This Sunday marks the Feast of the Epiphany on the Christian liturgical calendar, also known as the commemoration of the day on which Jesus was first beheld by the world. As the traditional interpretation of the Bible story goes, King Herod was frightened by rumors of a new king’s birth, so he sent the “three… Read More »