I Am Now A Blogger For The Huffington Post

Dear Friends– I am very proud to share that I am now a blogger for the Huffington Post’s religion section. My first article is a rewrite of my piece about systemic evil and its relationship to the current outcry for justice in Baltimore. I’d love it if you’d read and share this piece along with… Read More »

We Need A Different Way of Understanding Evil

I lead a religion book club that has been very enthusiastically reading The Origin of Satan: How Christians Demonized Jews, Pagans, and Heretics, by Princeton professor Elaine Pagels. Using what she calls “a social history of Satan,” Dr. Pagels explains how gospel authors intensified “the satan’s” relatively benign Hebrew Bible character to create the being… Read More »

When Light Breaks In: A meditation on inconvenient encounters with God (Audio and text of my Christmas sermon)

This Sunday, I preached a sermon about Mary, God’s presence in the world as experienced in the person of Jesus, and how this can be understood in light of recent #blacklivesmatter demonstrations. I invite you to consider these words along with your other holiday meditations. Merry Christmas. When Light Breaks In: A meditation on inconvenient… Read More »