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Is Humanism a Religion? (And more thoughts on religious privilege)

I just finished reading an article titled “Is Black Humanism a Religion” on the website belonging to the Society for U.S. Intellectual History. The writer says that he is “leaning toward categorizing black humanism as more a part of intellectual history than religious history,”– a decision I understand, but with which I am not in total… Read More »

For Those Who Believe Christianity and Atheism Are Irreconcilably Opposed…

I’ve revisited a book called Jesus for the Non-religious by John Shelby Spong this weekend as I prepare to write a lengthy personal credo for one of my theology classes. I continue to find his explanation of Christian Atheism extremely helpful as I work out my own theology of God, and would like to share… Read More »

What I mean when I call Christianity a “privileged class”…

Here’s a fact about me that I’m sure you don’t know: I don’t watch a lot of movies. This means that I’m woefully behind the times when it comes to movie-related pop culture. When I occasionally experience a hankering for a good movie, I either consult my trusty library of oldie-but-goody DVDs or I hit… Read More »