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Eight Reasons Your Religion Is Harmful

I watched this video this past week and found myself nodding along the entire time. Hemant Mehta writes a Patheos blog called The Friendly Atheist. I thought many of you would appreciate what he’s saying, so I’m sharing his Youtube video here… (I do, however, warn you that Mehta is very blunt in his presentation.… Read More »

Is Humanism a Religion? (And more thoughts on religious privilege)

I just finished reading an article titled “Is Black Humanism a Religion” on the website belonging to the Society for U.S. Intellectual History. The writer says that he is “leaning toward categorizing black humanism as more a part of intellectual history than religious history,”– a decision I understand, but with which I am not in total… Read More »

For Those Who Believe Christianity and Atheism Are Irreconcilably Opposed…

I’ve revisited a book called Jesus for the Non-religious by John Shelby Spong this weekend as I prepare to write a lengthy personal credo for one of my theology classes. I continue to find his explanation of Christian Atheism extremely helpful as I work out my own theology of God, and would like to share… Read More »