“Doubt Is A Sacred Space” — An excerpt from my book…

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Two very memorable articles about the changing demographics of our churches have been published recently. The first very memorable article was on CNN’s website. The headline read rather ominously, “Millennials leaving church in droves,” (millenials, of course, being those born between 1981 and 1997). The second very memorable article was published by The Daily Beast, and the headline said, “Half of Atheist Kids Wind Up Believing”. Believing in what? Well, in something greater than themselv...

Eight Reasons Your Religion Is Harmful

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I watched this video this past week and found myself nodding along the entire time. Hemant Mehta writes a Patheos blog called The Friendly Atheist. I thought many of you would appreciate what he's saying, so I'm sharing his Youtube video here... (I do, however, warn you that Mehta is very blunt in his presentation. If you're easily offended by critiques of religion, then I don't recommend this video for you.)

Is Humanism a Religion? (And more thoughts on religious privilege)

I just finished reading an article titled "Is Black Humanism a Religion" on the website belonging to the Society for U.S. Intellectual History. The writer says that he is "leaning toward categorizing black humanism as more a part of intellectual history than religious history,"-- a decision I understand, but with which I am not in total agreement. We tend to think of people who believe in God and people who don't believe in God as if they exist in two mutually exclusive worlds. I understand thi...