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Great News: A book is coming!

If you’ve followed my writing at all over the past five years, then you’re probably aware that I started this blog with a desire to cultivate an open journal about my relatively unique spiritual journey as a liberal Christian. Over time, I’ve written quite a bit here, including the popular series that I wrote about (the… Read More »

Unchanging steel vs. malleable clay: Thoughts on how we interpret the Bible

It occurred to me that we do indeed think of the Bible as something that has been “given” to us by God, when we should think of the Bible as a collection of texts to which we’ve given numerous interpretations throughout history. We think of the Bible as something that has given us a specific narrative about the world, without acknowledging that we are, in fact, the ones who assign and propagate biblical narratives.

What Some Theologians Wish Everyone Knew About John 14’s “I am the way” Proclamation

In a reflection written almost exactly four years ago, I touched on a few of the important statistics that jolted me out of my exclusivistic way of reading the scriptures and into a more open approach to the texts. I shared that only around 7% of the world’s population are “saved” by Evangelical standards, and… Read More »