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Can you tell your truth without shame and without apology?

What does it mean to live out your own spiritual truth? Can you say that you are honoring your journey by living it authentically? These are the questions that came to me as I was watching the TED Talk presented by Ash Beckham. As noted by Beckham, there are times when we are all called… Read More »

Is Your Church A Safe Space?

This morning, I rolled out of bed to do something that I must admit I’ve become far less enthusiastic about doing now than I have been in years past. I rose from the comfort of my pillows, blankets and breezy open bedroom window to prepare myself for church. I was going there again (after only… Read More »

What I mean when I call Christianity a “privileged class”…

Here’s a fact about me that I’m sure you don’t know: I don’t watch a lot of movies. This means that I’m woefully behind the times when it comes to movie-related pop culture. When I occasionally experience a hankering for a good movie, I either consult my trusty library of oldie-but-goody DVDs or I hit… Read More »