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With One Voice: Every lover of mysticism should watch this documentary

Among my many guilty pleasures is a love for documentaries. I often binge-watch them on DocumentaryHeaven.com or Youtube, and most recently on Netflix which is a website I actually joined for the sole purpose of watching Scandal (another guilty pleasure). Today, I found an amazing documentary called “With One Voice” which seeks to articulate the… Read More »

What I mean when I call Christianity a “privileged class”…

Here’s a fact about me that I’m sure you don’t know: I don’t watch a lot of movies. This means that I’m woefully behind the times when it comes to movie-related pop culture. When I occasionally experience a hankering for a good movie, I either consult my trusty library of oldie-but-goody DVDs or I hit… Read More »

Hinduism’s Thaipusam Festival: A reminder that we are all one…

Have you ever heard of the Thaipusam Festival? I hadn’t until tonight. I was reading “What It Means to be A Liberal Person of Faith” Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie on The Huffington Post when an unrelated image caught my eye. I clicked on the thumbnail and read the description: “For Hindu devotees, Thaipusam is a… Read More »