Great News: A book is coming!

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If you've followed my writing at all over the past five years, then you're probably aware that I started this blog with a desire to cultivate an open journal about my relatively unique spiritual journey as a liberal Christian. Over time, I've written quite a bit here, including the popular series that I wrote about (the nonexistence of) hell back in 2010, the innumerable reflections about seminary life which I published here between 2011 and 2014, and a few occasional reflections thereafter abou...

Thoughts on Liberal Christianity’s Tension Between Faith and Reason

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While watching an interview of John Shelby Spong on Youtube, I heard him articulate an area of tension that I've experienced in my own life. It occurred when Allan Gregg inquired: Do any of the people ask, "Why do you stay inside the church? Why don't you try to advance your interests outside the church if you have such difficulty with the traditional teachings?" Spong answered: Well, I love this church, and I think what makes me different is that I insist on keeping one foot in my faith traditi...

History vs. Theology: Examine and understand their starting points

NPR published a great interview with Bart Ehrman-- the well-known professor who has written a new book about the historical occurrences leading to the deification of Jesus in Christianity. Early in his talk with the reporter, Dr. Ehrman said something that is worth noting, particularly in a rapidly secularizing culture that continues to find itself at odds with religion. When asked if a historian can comment on whether the resurrection truly happened, Ehrman explained that resurrections, virgin...