Missiology, Ministry and Missed Opportunities: Words about the Larycia Hawkins controversy

larycia 1
Like many of you, I’ve been following the Larycia Hawkins controversy very closely. Hawkins is the tenured professor at Wheaton College who decided to wear a hijab during the season of Advent as a display of solidarity with Muslims. During Dr. Hawkins’ time of solidarity, she publicly declared on her Facebook page that she viewed Muslims as sisters and brothers who have been “formed of the same primordial clay.” She also described them as “people of the book” who worship the same God. ("Peop...

We All Own a Small Portion of the Truth

Karen Armstrong
I was browsing YouTube today when I came across a wonderful video of Karen Armstrong called "Author Karen Armstrong's Thoughts on God." In it, she speaks on the nature of God and shares that in her view, no one person or one religion can own the totality of truth. Instead, all religions and each human owns a small glimpse of God. She ends the video with this beautiful nugget of wisdom:  There's this quotation that I found by a 13th century mystic: Do not praise your own faith so exclusively ...

How Do We Counter Religious Extremism?

From left to right, Rabbi Serotta, Rev. Brinton, Imam Shareef, Rabbi Langner.
On Thursday evening, I attended an interfaith clergy dinner that featured four panelists who each answered the question, "How do we counter religious extremism?" I thought the panelists offered great answers to this question, so I've decided to share their wisdom here. Their (paraphrased) contributions to the discussion were: We Must Accept That We Need One Another "We must develop a theology of mutual need. I need you in order to be a complete human and better practitioner of my own religion...