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Can you tell your truth without shame and without apology?

What does it mean to live out your own spiritual truth? Can you say that you are honoring your journey by living it authentically? These are the questions that came to me as I was watching the TED Talk presented by Ash Beckham. As noted by Beckham, there are times when we are all called… Read More »

Who Are You? (A thought-provoking video…)

I came across a Youtube video today that left a pretty powerful impression on me. In it, a Jewish man (Rabbi Rami Shapiro), a Christian and a man whose spiritual background I was unable to discern each participate in a talk about the nature of humanness and consciousness, and how those things relate to the… Read More »

Enough about the Nones. What about the Nowheres?

The phone rang this week and it was my former pastor, an old mentor from my days as an evangelical fundamentalist. We hadn’t talked in quite a while– so long, in fact, that I hadn’t told him of the radical ways in which my spiritual perspectives have changed over the years. I explained that I… Read More »